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"The doctors at Direct Mobile Dental took such good care of my mother, all without having to travel and wait in a doctor's office"

Bringing Oral Health Care Straight
to Where It's Needed.


For over 30 years, Direct Mobile Dental Services (DMD) has serviced the elderly and infirmed communities of the tristate area. Focused on patient care, Direct Mobile Dental providers strive to make the patient experience as quick, painless and affordable as possible. Driven by altruism, we accept all patients regardless of mental or physical condition, age, ability to pay, or distance.


Understanding the high demands on Facility Administrators and all Responsible Parties, Direct Mobile Dental has established an infrastructure allowing for the seamless delivery of services into the Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. Powered by a team of dental providers, assistants, scheduling and billing personnel, and state of the art technology, Direct Mobile Dental has streamlined mobile dentistry to quickly and effectively provide access to the otherwise overlooked. With decades of experience, Direct Mobile Dental providers and support staff are experts in the intricacy of servicing this niche patient base.

Direct Mobile Dental: 30 Years Experience in PA & NJ Elderly Care Communities

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